Monday, March 31, 2014

Support Diversity, Manufacturers Mobile Release Emoji Afro Style

African mobile phone manufacturer , Oju Africa , has recently released a series of emoji or emoticons for Afro style that reflects the diversity of Android devices . A set of emoticons can be seen that character and funny .

According to our observation , application dubbed this just Oju Emoticons available on Google Play Store app store on March 28, 2014 . Oju Africa as the developer , the future will also provide that his application for iOS devices .
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" We followed the global trend , by bringing an authentic African character . As a local brand we wanted to do something that attracted the attention of the people of Africa, something that could become iconic and can show it to the world . I believe what we have designed to make every citizen in Africa loved the world , "said Fouche Eserick Oju Africa as creative director , as quoted from Ubergizmo , Monday ( 03/31/2014 ) .

If you want to add new emoticons on your favorite Android devices , silahkah download and install for free through this link .

A few days ago , Apple called diversity emoticons for text messaging application . The company claimed that the iPhone maker has almost completed a new diversity standards with the body responsible for deciding various standard free symbols , Unicode Cosortium .

But of the dozens of new emoji characters are introduced , there are only two Asian symbols , which faces the faces of people who wear turbans and veiled typical of China .
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Suddenly , it makes is calling for Apple increase ethnic diversity in emojinya . Apple was then respond to the criticism and promised to create a more diverse character emoticons


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Green Economy , Low Carbon Economy

Bogor , INDONESIA - BIRD Global Partnership Birdlife International has called for governments around the world to show leadership to restore the global economy toward a sustainable economy . Burung Indonesia , as part of the partnership also invite the parties to appreciate the basic things provided by biodiversity and ecosystem services and conservation interests for the economic prosperity and the eradication of poverty . (see also: obat burung)

" The concept of a green economy is one of the opportunities for the development of conservation efforts " said M. Muslich , Conservation Program staff , Burung Indonesia . According Muslich , economic language can be easily accepted by the decision makers in areas being intensively construction. Halmahera , for example , which is almost entirely the expansion area , now work together to build the region through various forms of natural resource use .

Muslich continue , efforts to encourage the passing of a green economy performed in Halmahera, Indonesia Bird conducted through two aspects . Namely , community capacity building programs through the development of environmentally friendly businesses and increasing the capacity of the parties in the area of sustainable land use management . " Focusing our attention on the utilization of forest landscapes , because forests absorb and store most carbon emissions , also home to a biodiversity " obviously Muslich .
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In terms of biodiversity , Halmahera has a diversity of bird species that live in a very high native forests . Forest landscape is a place of life 25 endemic bird species , all of which can only be found in North Maluku .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Know the Tropical Rainforest

Understanding Tropical Rainforest
Tropical rainforest , also known as wet forests are usually found in the tropics . This area includes the peninsula Central and South America , Madagascar , Africa , Malaysia , Indonesia and Northern Australia . There are various types of plants that can live in the woods . This is because the tropical rain forest always gets enough sunlight and high rainfall .(see also: pakan burung)

Distinctive Tropical Rainforest
The characteristics of the tropical rain forest is very high even rainfall of over 2,000 mm / year . The main trees in the forest have a height between 20-40 m with leafy tree branches and wide and are always green throughout the year , gets enough sunlight though the sun can not penetrate the forest floor , and has a micro-climate in the environment around the surface ground or under the canopy ( leaves on large trees that form a hood ) .

Plant species that can be found in tropical rain forests which are plant strangler tree , tree jelutung , rengas , ramin , and rattan manau .

Due to the average of the trees found in tropical rain forests and the high relative condition of the land inundated with water , then the animals are numerous in these forests is clever primates such as gorillas climbing , monkey , chimpanzee , the Uttan , gibbon , and gibbons .

Unwittingly , tropical rain forests are a haven for wild plants and animals , is also a refuge for endangered animals . In fact , some wild animals can only survive in the tropical rain forest which is their natural habitat .

Benefits Tropical Rainforest
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Tropical rainforest actually have enormous benefits for the life of the world. The benefits include prevention of erosion , prevent dryness by providing a source of water that is more than enough for life around , protection from storms , timber and climate balance keeper . In addition , tropical rain forests also play a role in absorbing karbondioksia gas ( CO2 ) that is in the earth's atmosphere which will then be processed and issued as breathing oxygen for humans and animals .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting Warmth in Central Snow Alpen

Les Cerniers , Whitepod , Switzerland

Unique hotel in the middle of the snow is offering something exclusive angat yangs experience . A camp is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above are located in the Swiss Alps . The hotel belongs to the luxury hotels that can only be accessed using oesawat , or ski lifts .
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Resembling an igloo hotel is only amounted to 15 guests and can accommodate as many as 30 people . The building is at first glance resembles a dome , and offering high-tech and environmentally friendly . Surely the most appropriate time to be in this hotel is in the winter or snow after skiing .

Furnace is in a building that will certainly put you in the warmth of the cold snow in the winter , and will remain cool in the summer .
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This hotel features complete facilities such as showers , toilets , sinks are directly connected with clean water . In the winter , the hotel is covered with green canvas and cool in the summer . Mingle follow climate surrounding nature .