Friday, March 7, 2014

Know the Tropical Rainforest

Understanding Tropical Rainforest
Tropical rainforest , also known as wet forests are usually found in the tropics . This area includes the peninsula Central and South America , Madagascar , Africa , Malaysia , Indonesia and Northern Australia . There are various types of plants that can live in the woods . This is because the tropical rain forest always gets enough sunlight and high rainfall .(see also: pakan burung)

Distinctive Tropical Rainforest
The characteristics of the tropical rain forest is very high even rainfall of over 2,000 mm / year . The main trees in the forest have a height between 20-40 m with leafy tree branches and wide and are always green throughout the year , gets enough sunlight though the sun can not penetrate the forest floor , and has a micro-climate in the environment around the surface ground or under the canopy ( leaves on large trees that form a hood ) .

Plant species that can be found in tropical rain forests which are plant strangler tree , tree jelutung , rengas , ramin , and rattan manau .

Due to the average of the trees found in tropical rain forests and the high relative condition of the land inundated with water , then the animals are numerous in these forests is clever primates such as gorillas climbing , monkey , chimpanzee , the Uttan , gibbon , and gibbons .

Unwittingly , tropical rain forests are a haven for wild plants and animals , is also a refuge for endangered animals . In fact , some wild animals can only survive in the tropical rain forest which is their natural habitat .

Benefits Tropical Rainforest
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Tropical rainforest actually have enormous benefits for the life of the world. The benefits include prevention of erosion , prevent dryness by providing a source of water that is more than enough for life around , protection from storms , timber and climate balance keeper . In addition , tropical rain forests also play a role in absorbing karbondioksia gas ( CO2 ) that is in the earth's atmosphere which will then be processed and issued as breathing oxygen for humans and animals .


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