Monday, March 31, 2014

Support Diversity, Manufacturers Mobile Release Emoji Afro Style

African mobile phone manufacturer , Oju Africa , has recently released a series of emoji or emoticons for Afro style that reflects the diversity of Android devices . A set of emoticons can be seen that character and funny .

According to our observation , application dubbed this just Oju Emoticons available on Google Play Store app store on March 28, 2014 . Oju Africa as the developer , the future will also provide that his application for iOS devices .
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" We followed the global trend , by bringing an authentic African character . As a local brand we wanted to do something that attracted the attention of the people of Africa, something that could become iconic and can show it to the world . I believe what we have designed to make every citizen in Africa loved the world , "said Fouche Eserick Oju Africa as creative director , as quoted from Ubergizmo , Monday ( 03/31/2014 ) .

If you want to add new emoticons on your favorite Android devices , silahkah download and install for free through this link .

A few days ago , Apple called diversity emoticons for text messaging application . The company claimed that the iPhone maker has almost completed a new diversity standards with the body responsible for deciding various standard free symbols , Unicode Cosortium .

But of the dozens of new emoji characters are introduced , there are only two Asian symbols , which faces the faces of people who wear turbans and veiled typical of China .
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Suddenly , it makes is calling for Apple increase ethnic diversity in emojinya . Apple was then respond to the criticism and promised to create a more diverse character emoticons


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