Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SBY confide in The End of Time Department

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY ) , the department will end on October 20 next . SBY poured out her heart when opening plenary cabinet meeting at the Ministry of State Secretariat Building , Jalan Veteran , Central Jakarta.

"I want to convey to you all , our trip portraits or the last five years even the last 10 years , what has been achieved and what we can , what we can not accomplish. We look ahead, five years ahead of what our duties and obligations , " SBY said on Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .
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According to SBY , most ministers in the United Indonesia Cabinet ( KIB ) II or head area have the opportunity to sit back in government departments to come.

"I know in this space aplenty that will still work after October 20 mengemban later , its governor and lieutenant governor . Perhaps there is still continued in the next cabinet , or there may be a wish to retire with me , I do not know , " explained.

SBY pray for all ministers or high offices in other countries , can have a good future and develop the Indonesian people toward a better way.

" Ken and SOE still be attached to the front. Therefore , I hope , pray while you are in this room have a better future , I will be quiet witness of our country and the more advanced the better , " said SBY ended response


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Peak Load Java-Bali Electricity Reaches Record High

Electricity consumption in society continues to increase . Electricity peak load in the system kelistrikann Java Madura Bali ( Jamali ) reached a record high of 22,974 megawatts ( MW ) .

The highest load occurs on Thursday ( 24/4 ) and at 18:00 pm . Previously the highest load ever achieved was 22 567 MW on October 17, 2013 at 19:00 pm .
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Senior Manager Corporate Communications said Bambang Dwiyanto highest load when compared to October of last year is the highest peak on week , up 407 MW or 1.8 percent .

The increase in electrical load is predicted of them because of the weather .
Over the last few days was very hot conditions that trigger people to turn on the air conditioning ( AC ) longer. In the household , the AC is the largest electricity consuming .

PLN urged customers to conserve electricity , especially for the use of a consumptive nature .

This can be done such as by turning off electronic equipment that is not necessary , as the lights are not used , do not watch television , radio was not heard and others .

Conserve electricity consumption can be done without reducing comfort us. Thus, the growth in electricity consumption can be reduced and we can also reduce the monthly electric bill significantly.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prison inmates Bengkalis Blurred When Discard Trash

Masrianto , theft prisoners escaped from prisons (prisons ) Class II A Bengkalis , Riau , last Friday afternoon , 25 April 2014 . Masrianto Police are now hunting .

Masrianto recently sentenced to 3.5 years in prison . He fled when taking out the trash with other inmates outside the prison . " Initially , there were eight inmates who throw garbage . Thereafter, only 7 prisoners who return , " said Chief Prison Bengkalis bawon .

" Having examined on behalf Masrianto 1 inmate escaped while taking out the trash . "
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Bawon said , daily Masrianto a janitor . He is often dispose of waste with other inmates .

" Everyday , Masrianto indeed become a janitor . He always dispose of waste with other inmates , " said bawon .

Meanwhile , Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bengkalis Andry Wibowo said the pursuit continued. Several police officers deployed at locations suspected as a refuge Masrianto .

" The chase is done . Every police station has been contacted and the identity and characteristics of the perpetrators have been deployed to facilitate the pursuit , " said Andry.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brunei Stoning Homosexuals , UN Disappointed

Bandar Seri Begawan - The Commission on Human Rights ( HAM ) United Nations ( UN ) expressed disappointment over the new crime legislation adopted by Brunei Darussalam . The law regulating the death penalty in violation of various norms , including homosexuals .

The application is planned to take place on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 today . During Brunei is known as a country that apply Islamic law in the law .

" We are very concerned about the change in Brunei Darussalam penalty , which will take effect later this month to arrange the death penalty , " said spokesman Rupert Colville of the UN Human Rights Commission , told Opposing Views , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .
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Among the offenses punishable by death , including , among others , rape , adultery , sodomy , sexual intercourse of different religions , homosexuality .

Changes made this very drastic than the previous law . Previous sanction same-sex relationships only get approximately 10 years in prison , but is now turned into a legal death by stoning or stoned to death .

The crimes such as robbery , murder , declared non - Muslims will also receive the same punishment .

" Terms kententuan these laws may encourage further violence and discrimination against women and also those who have other sexual orientation , " he added .

Brunei is more conservative than in Malaysia and Indonesia, which has a majority Muslim society . They are strictly restrict other religions and proscribing the sale and consumption of alcohol .


Monday, April 21, 2014

JCI Closed Session I Survived The Green Zone

Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) still survive in the psychological 4,900 level on lunch break today, Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) , although more limited reinforcement .

At 12.00 , JCI was at 4900.8 , up 3.75 points, or 0.07 percent . Trading volume reached 3 billion shares worth Rp 5.37 lots trillion . There are 126 shares traded during the day . Meanwhile , 121 stocks fell and 86 shares stagnant .

Recorded many domestic investors to sell [ no trading during the first half today. Nevertheless , it did not sink the index into the red zone .

Stocks that give a positive turnover for shareholders at the first session of the day include the SSMS ( USD 1,155 ) , BMTR ( USD 2,195 ) , PGAS ( USD 5,400 ) , MNCN ( USD 2,900 ) and MYRX ( USD 600 ) .

Of the 10 sectoral indices , only four stocks rose sectors , namely mining ( 0.49 percent ) , miscellaneous industries ( 0.57 percent ) , infrastructure ( 0.28 percent ) and trade ( 0.44 percent ) .
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The agribusiness sector is weaker new ( -0 percent ) , basic industry ( -0.47 percent ) , consumer ( -0.06 percent ) , property ( -0.57 percent ) , finance ( 0.04 percent ) and manufacturing ( -0 percent ) .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Walk out the current CBA Election Commission Plenary Recapitulation Balikpapan

National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Balikpapan City take action to get out of the room or walk out of the Plenary Meeting recapitulation of vote counting city level , which lasted from Sunday, April 20 in the morning until the early hours .

Actions taken two witnesses CLA in plenary , the Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Redin Balikpapan PKB PKB Rafi'i DPC , as a gesture of protest against the elections and vote counting were not free and fair value , and disability law .

" With all due respect to this plenary , we of PKB does not recognize the election results and the results of the 2014 elections recapitulation because of the moral and legal defects . CLA excuses out of this room , " Redin said on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .
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" The reason we came out because of the element of honest and fair , as many votes counted can not be accounted for . If only 1 only explanation that we can understand , but the start of Balikpapan East constituencies ( constituencies 1 ) to dapil North Balikpapan ( dapil 6 ) a lot of changes in the amount of noise . We rate this the worst election we follow , " he said .

Plenary meeting that began Sunday morning initially bombarded many interruptions from witnesses such as PAN , Democrat , PKB , DPI Struggle , Gerindra , PPP and other parties . Intrupsi triggered voters about the inconsistency of data ranging from DPT , DPTb , DPK , DPKtb KPPS level , PPS and PPK .

" We will convey this to the Plenary province , and if possible we are accountable to the Court , " added Redin .

In response, the Chairman of the Election Commission Noor Balikpapan Thoha admitted in the implementation of the calculation of the sound is not perfect and there is a shortage . It certainly will be a correction to the Election Commission . The attitude of the CLA , Noor invited WO because their political rights .

" If it's less agree with us , please but we have a rule that the plenary that can not be stopped because not agreed . So if anyone does not agree there is a form DB2 ( disclaimer / mind ) to fill it , " he said .

"The party submitting the existing DB2 PAN and Democrats , " he continued .

To changes in KPPS voters , PPS , PPK , according Thoha , it is because one of the input in KPPS officers .

" But the numbers are real and true, but as one input resulting in a different number of voters . But rest assured , there is no game sound . If we make sure there is accountability and prove that the data does exist . There is no reduction or bubbling sound , " he said .

In 2014 pileg there are four categories namely DPT voters , voters remain extra ( DPTb ) , special voters list ( DPK ) , additional special voters list ( DPKtb ) .

" So there are my friends who have difficulty filling out forms to enter data by category voters . It is then the comrades in the current PPS input selector so one of puts . And the impact on the level of CO and we fix it . But do not disturb the vote of the candidate or the party , "said Supriya Balikpapan Election Commission members .

Known in the amount of DPT , DPTb deposits , DPKtb on April 9 that pileg 431 216 voters . While voters turn out to vote as much as 297 . 181 people .

From the results pileg 2014 in Balikpapan , East Kalimantan , Balikpapan city Golkar Party gained 12 seats . The three parties namely PDIP , Hanura and Gerindra each earn six seats . Democrats and MCC only gained 4 seats . While the PPP got 3 seats , and Nasdem gained 3 seats . While the UN gained 1 seat .


Friday, April 18, 2014

UN: South Sudan state disputes concerning

UN peacekeepers on Thursday expressed " concern " with a fierce battle in the main union of state of South Sudan , after rebels took the city of Bentiu in a new attack .

The surge in fighting in a conflict that has lasted for four months came amid warnings UN Secretary General Ban Ki -moon that more than one million people at risk of starvation in the war-torn country 's youth .

Peacekeepers from the UN mission in South Sudan ( UNMISS ) are patrolling the capital of the state controlled rebels said they had seen about 35 to 40 bodies along roadsides , mostly in military uniform .

" UNMISS condemned this new feud with the strongest terms , " the mission said in a statement as he called the fighting as a " serious breach " of the ceasefire deal agreed in January .

" The battle will only worsen the already terrible situation , " he added .

Bentiu , a fierce war-torn region , is the first major settlement was retaken in a new attack by the forces of opposition leader Riek Machar , a former vice president .

Conflict in South Sudan have killed thousands of people and forced about a million people fled their homes since fighting occurred on December 15 in the capital Juba before spreading to other states in the oil-rich country .

More than 12 thousand civilians are now sheltering at the United Nations headquarters in Bentiu , protected by peacekeepers , with one person injured in the camp when a bullet from a shootout not far from where it hit the camp .

The insurgents took the city on Tuesday , while the army said it was preparing a counter-attack to take over again .

Insurgents previously occupied Bentiu in December at the start of the conflict , but was expelled from that city a month later .

On Monday , peacekeepers of the United Nations save the 10 employees of the company Safinat Russia when insurgents attacked an oil refinery built in the north of Bentiu . Among them are citizens of Russia , Ukraine and Kenya .

Five people were injured in the fighting.

The battle took place between troops loyal to President Salva Kiir against insurgent forces in favor of Machar who was fired as vice president in 2013 .
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The conflict has also been included in the current ethnic dimension of President Kiir's Dinka tribe against the forces of the Nuer people , Machar , AFP reported .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Liven Festival Held 59 Years KAA April 18 to 24

BANDUNG - To enliven warning Konferesnsi Asia Africa ( KAA ) to - 59 , the Museum held a festival weekend . The activity was held on 18 to 24 April at the Museum Complex and Gedung Merdeka , Bandung , West Java .

Various activities were held . On the first day , one enlivened activities with marching bands from Secapa Army . In the week ahead , the various activities associated with the KAA was also held .

The theme of the festival this year is the spirit of partnership and Step Forward Asia - Africa Cooperation .

" Through this festival weekend , we invite the community to feel re-energized life through the appreciation of the values ​​embodied in history , " said the head of the Museum , Thomas Siregar , at the location , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .
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There is a range of values ​​contained in the KAA , he explained, solidarity and friendship among them .

Through various activities , it is expected to promote the spirit of solidarity, peace Duni increased.

The weeklong event involving approximately 700 volunteers .

So far , the implementation of the festival at the Museum are not included in the annual agenda of the Central Government . Going forward , is expected to become a regular agenda as well in terms of funding sources .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Central Axis Volume II , Could it be ?

Discourse combines Islamist party to form the Central Axis Volume II began to emerge . The idea of ​​reviving the Central Axis is sticking with increasing political constellation of post- election legislative and presidential elections to be held later in July . Central Axis Rais been initiated in the 1999 elections .

As is known , the results of a quick count pollsters no party is able to gain a sound 20 percent . From this result also ensured that no political party can nominate candidates for president and vice president candidates independently.
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A number of meetings were held political elite , including from the Islamic party , which then triggers the emergence of the discourse of the Central Axis Volume II . For example, the Chairman of the meeting of the United Development Party ( PPP ) , Suryadharma Ali with a presidential candidate who carried the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Rhoma Irama , some time ago . Suryadharma even confirmed that the purpose of the meeting , among others, to discuss the Central Axis coalition .

The meeting , he said , will be held back . Although Islamist parties will gain strength , but according to Suryadharma , Central Axis Volume II open also to other parties . SDA optimistic Central Axis coalition can carry alternative presidential candidate .

" I'm sure there could be a regular axis or two- axis Plus like the recent period , " said Suryadharma at the head office of the PPP , Jakarta , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .

Rhoma Irama SDA agrees speech . A coalition of Islamic parties , he said , very open . In fact , a coalition of Islamic parties also open to nationalist parties . Previously , King of Dangdut it also met with the Prosperous Justice Party and the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) . There was a good response from both parties , said Rhoma .

MCC declared its readiness to mobilize the power of Islamic parties and Muslim-based parties to face presidential elections on July 9, 2014 . Readiness expressed by members of the Shura Council MCC , Refrizal . " We are ready to be a consolidator , " he said .

According Refrizal , when the voice of Islam and Muslim-based parties are combined then the result will be greater than the vote parties who are in the top three rankings .

However , the PKS faction chairman Hidayat Nur Wahid to convey that his party remains open communication with the other party . MCC is currently undergoing communication with PDIP , Gerindra and Golkar . But who will be the coalition partners decided MCC Shura Council . So is the fate of the three presidential candidates MCC .

But the House Defense Commission member remains confident that the formation of the Central Axis consisting of Islamic parties might have happened in the period of the next government . Central Axis , he said , could happen if the party had known of votes issued by the General Election Commission official .

" The occurrence of the Central Axis is very open . We support , but it should not mean there has been a team shaft idealism because the party is also part of the constitutional Islam in Indonesia , " he said .

MCC itself invited the National Awakening Party to initiate the formation of the Islamic axis that volume II . Therefore , based on a quick count , the CLA in the highest order of other Islamic parties .

"Now if referring to the quick count , the highest sound Islamic party refers to the CBA , I therefore propose that PKB take the initiative or the initiative , " he said .

The figure Crisis Strong

PKB is rapidly gaining a voice in the count about 9 percent . While the nuances of other Islamic parties , such as PAN get about 8 percent , approximately 7 percent of PPP and PKS about 7 percent . If forming the axis , the number of votes collected more than 30 percent , more than enough to carry the candidate himself . But the problem , there is no figure that is considered strong enough candidate to represent the party combined .

Moreover , some of the party openly disagree with this discourse . National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , for example , has been expressly rejected the call to mobilize a coalition of Islamic parties . Chairman of the National Mandate Party , Hatta Rajasa not even want to use a longer term to refer to a collection of the Central Axis coalition party central . According to him , the axis was the term used in the past .

" The conditions are very different and is no longer relevant , " said Hatta in the Office of the Vice President , Jakarta , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

According to Hatta , the party did not rule out cooperation with the center parties that again though with a different name . He also realized that if the central parties back the coalition , it can form a new force . However , Hatta has not closed the opportunity to communicate with other parties . PAN is currently approaching Gerindra , PDIP and Democrats .

" Let the parties to approach the coalition , not compartmentalized that made ​​us discontinuous to make the people together , " he said .

According to PAN politician , Nasril Bahar , the coalition that his party will do for the purpose of national interests , not the interests of a particular group . If the coalition is built by using the power of Islam , then it would prejudice the PAN . Because the party has received all groups , including those outside the Islamic group .

Central axis is the political power of Islamic parties that existed in 1999 . Currently the Islamic political party set consisting of the PPP , PAN , PKB , PK and the UN , Abdurrahman Wahid brings in the presidential election chosen by the Assembly in the 1999 General Session and success in the presidential election .

Desire to reshape the Middle Axis Volume II can be based on the idea that the current state of the atmosphere such as the Presidential Election in 1999 . Axis itself initiated Amien Rais , who served as Chairman of the Advisory Council of the PAN .

Problem Volume II of this axis , a political analyst from LIPI , Professor Siti Zuhro view what happened today just new spirit .

" His passion alone . New spirit when the election of 2014 gave the blessing . Their happy really. But this is just to revive them all , if they unite No amount of 32 percent and can be cooperated . If realized this is certainly unusual , " he said .

Even so , there are still many obstacles to be faced by parties that united to form the Central Axis . Barriers egosektoral the orientation of each party have not seen can be resolved .

" They are not finished with each orientation . Sub - sub ideology and leaders that there is no problem , " he said .

Therefore , an agreement to establish who the candidates will be promoted to be completed early so that the axis can completely formed . A strong relationship or chemistry is needed, so there is no party feels dikebawahkan .

" Completed and should be concessioned , that the people shown in the options , " he said .


Eating left, Money Dozens Million and 10 Kg of Gold vanished from Mobile

When having lunch at one of the restaurants in Pinrang , South Sulawesi , Husnul Khitmah lose money amounting to Rp 42 million that had just pulled out of the BRI branch Pinrang and cash $ 12 million and as much as 10 kg of gold were stored in the same bag , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) afternoon . Husnul admitted , before withdrawing cash from the bank , he had to pawn some gold worth USD 12 million .

" After withdrawing cash from the bank , I stopped eating lunch at a stall in Jalan Gatot Subroto said . Not far from the bank where I withdraw cash , " he said .

He said the cash and the gold stored at the front of the left front seat of his Honda Jazz car police numbered B 1564 BRP , which was parked around the restaurant , where lunch .

" I just realized a bag containing money and my gold was gone after lunch . Windscreens smashed and the left side of the bag is not there , " he added .
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Husnul admitted , suffered a loss of USD 54 million . The plan , the proceeds of mortgaged gold and the withdrawal from the bank , to buy a plot of land . The incident , the victim then reported to the authorities . Invisible Criminal Police Pinrang , AKP separately Abdul Karim said , so far it is still taking statements from victims .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Motorcycle gang and robbed, FR UN in Police Work

FR ( 18 ) , National Examination A student participant in Surabaya , working in one of the exam rooms at police station Sector Jambangan , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) . FR must undergo examination under police surveillance because theft is involved , some time before the examination takes place .

Although working on the UN at the police station , a class XII student of private vocational school in Surabaya is still required to wear a uniform . Three people were also sent by the school superintendent to oversee FR .

Jambangan Police Chief , Commissioner Billy Dwi Priyono , say , FR present status as a suspect following a robbery with violence which together with a number of colleagues .

" The suspect involved in the beatings and deprivation of motor Ketintang Surabaya , that is currently being held in police Jambangan , " said Dwi .

Dwi claimed to have been coordinated with the schools and families of suspects , in order to follow the UN FR . UN persists even though he is still in the legal process . " We are still working , so he does not lose his right to education , " said Dwi .
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Today, tens of thousands of high school students are equal in Surabaya follow the UN . For the high school level was recorded 17 574 participants , the level of Madrasah Aliyah ( MA ) of 1,402 students , and the level of vocational high school ( SMK ) as many as 18 984 students .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unique Live Wallpaper For Android

Live wallpaper is the simplest way to perform customization on your Android phone . With existing animation effects , users get a fresh feel of the phone as well as attractive . Limited stock live wallpapers on the phone can certainly be overcome with its own download it from the internet . However you still have to replace it manually if you want to get a new atmosphere .

Luckily there is a developer who saw this and decided to make a free application that will help you get a new Live Wallpaper and set it up automatically every day . For more details please refer to the following tips :
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1 . Download and install Muzei Live Wallpaper from the Play Store . Open the application and proceed with ' Activate ' to activate .

2 . Next select the settings and you can choose the source of your live wallpaper . Please slide the screen sideways and check My Photo if you want to use live wallapaper stored in the mobile phone .

3 . You can also set the level of opacity and flicker with live wallpaper select advanced .

4 . The live wallaper To see more clearly please homescreen tap the screen twice .

5 . Muzei will automatically replace a live wallpaper of your cell phone every day . When you use the live wallpaper on the phone memory then you can set the frequency of replacement of the live wallpaper of one , three , six , 24 hours or 3 days.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Development Hindered KBN towers Residents Rejection

Development plans of workers flats in Nusantara Bonded Zone ( KBN ) , North Jakarta , is still having problems . Business KBN difficult to negotiate over the refusal of the towers by residents .

" People are easily provoked , and easy emotions , so it is difficult to negotiate , " said Head of Public Relations Division KBN Wati to Kompas.com , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .

Wati said , there has been no follow-up project development work towers . Currently only do land leveling in a location that will be built towers.

According Wati , manager of the KBN , through the Director of Operations and socialization , had socialized with people related citizen complaints . Residents assume , where the towers would reduce their income .

During this time , some residents in the Village Sukapura , Cilincing , North Jakarta , seeking profit by renting houses and rooms to employees KBN . In addition , residents also complained backfilling and leveling the ground in the construction area of ​​the towers .

According to Amin , a resident Sukapura , Cilincing , North Jakarta , before people have never felt the flood . However , since the landfill is done , flooding often occurs when it rains .

In response, Wati said , the manager of the KBN was making technical preparations to resolve the issue . Currently , conducted by managers is how to find understanding with residents .
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" We will continue to negotiate to find a win - win solution , " said Wati .

Towers construction project will be a continuation of the workers after the inauguration of the General Hospital Workers KBN . For the construction of towers , state-owned enterprises ( SOEs ) to work together with the Government of Jakarta .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tense Eastern Ukraine, Russia Remind NATO Intervention

The situation in eastern Ukraine heats . NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen warned Russia not to intervene in Ukraine . Reminded that Russia will perform " historic mistake " if it continues to intervene .

" I urged Russia to back off and not improve the situation in eastern Ukraine , " Rasmussen said at a seminar in Paris , France as reported by AFP on Tuesday ( 08/04/2014 ) .
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" If the Russians intervene further in the Ukraine , it would be a historic mistake . Was going to have serious consequences for our relations with Russia and will make Russia more isolated internationally , " he added .

In the speech , Rasmussen specifically called for Russia to withdraw its troops from the border with Ukraine .

" Every step farther into the eastern Ukraine will reflect a serious escalation , rather than a decrease in the escalation of what we all want , " he said .

" We asked the Russians to withdraw tens of thousands of troops were placed on the border of Ukraine , engage in a genuine dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities and to respect its international commitments , " said Rasmussen .

It is delivered Rasmussen after pro - Russian activists occupied government buildings in the city of Kharkiv , Lugansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine . They also announced the declaration of independence of Ukraine and vowed to hold a referendum to join Russia .

This situation recalls a similar situation last month in Crimea , Ukraine which has broken away from the government and joined the Moscow Kiev .