Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Central Axis Volume II , Could it be ?

Discourse combines Islamist party to form the Central Axis Volume II began to emerge . The idea of ​​reviving the Central Axis is sticking with increasing political constellation of post- election legislative and presidential elections to be held later in July . Central Axis Rais been initiated in the 1999 elections .

As is known , the results of a quick count pollsters no party is able to gain a sound 20 percent . From this result also ensured that no political party can nominate candidates for president and vice president candidates independently.
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A number of meetings were held political elite , including from the Islamic party , which then triggers the emergence of the discourse of the Central Axis Volume II . For example, the Chairman of the meeting of the United Development Party ( PPP ) , Suryadharma Ali with a presidential candidate who carried the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Rhoma Irama , some time ago . Suryadharma even confirmed that the purpose of the meeting , among others, to discuss the Central Axis coalition .

The meeting , he said , will be held back . Although Islamist parties will gain strength , but according to Suryadharma , Central Axis Volume II open also to other parties . SDA optimistic Central Axis coalition can carry alternative presidential candidate .

" I'm sure there could be a regular axis or two- axis Plus like the recent period , " said Suryadharma at the head office of the PPP , Jakarta , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .

Rhoma Irama SDA agrees speech . A coalition of Islamic parties , he said , very open . In fact , a coalition of Islamic parties also open to nationalist parties . Previously , King of Dangdut it also met with the Prosperous Justice Party and the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) . There was a good response from both parties , said Rhoma .

MCC declared its readiness to mobilize the power of Islamic parties and Muslim-based parties to face presidential elections on July 9, 2014 . Readiness expressed by members of the Shura Council MCC , Refrizal . " We are ready to be a consolidator , " he said .

According Refrizal , when the voice of Islam and Muslim-based parties are combined then the result will be greater than the vote parties who are in the top three rankings .

However , the PKS faction chairman Hidayat Nur Wahid to convey that his party remains open communication with the other party . MCC is currently undergoing communication with PDIP , Gerindra and Golkar . But who will be the coalition partners decided MCC Shura Council . So is the fate of the three presidential candidates MCC .

But the House Defense Commission member remains confident that the formation of the Central Axis consisting of Islamic parties might have happened in the period of the next government . Central Axis , he said , could happen if the party had known of votes issued by the General Election Commission official .

" The occurrence of the Central Axis is very open . We support , but it should not mean there has been a team shaft idealism because the party is also part of the constitutional Islam in Indonesia , " he said .

MCC itself invited the National Awakening Party to initiate the formation of the Islamic axis that volume II . Therefore , based on a quick count , the CLA in the highest order of other Islamic parties .

"Now if referring to the quick count , the highest sound Islamic party refers to the CBA , I therefore propose that PKB take the initiative or the initiative , " he said .

The figure Crisis Strong

PKB is rapidly gaining a voice in the count about 9 percent . While the nuances of other Islamic parties , such as PAN get about 8 percent , approximately 7 percent of PPP and PKS about 7 percent . If forming the axis , the number of votes collected more than 30 percent , more than enough to carry the candidate himself . But the problem , there is no figure that is considered strong enough candidate to represent the party combined .

Moreover , some of the party openly disagree with this discourse . National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , for example , has been expressly rejected the call to mobilize a coalition of Islamic parties . Chairman of the National Mandate Party , Hatta Rajasa not even want to use a longer term to refer to a collection of the Central Axis coalition party central . According to him , the axis was the term used in the past .

" The conditions are very different and is no longer relevant , " said Hatta in the Office of the Vice President , Jakarta , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

According to Hatta , the party did not rule out cooperation with the center parties that again though with a different name . He also realized that if the central parties back the coalition , it can form a new force . However , Hatta has not closed the opportunity to communicate with other parties . PAN is currently approaching Gerindra , PDIP and Democrats .

" Let the parties to approach the coalition , not compartmentalized that made ​​us discontinuous to make the people together , " he said .

According to PAN politician , Nasril Bahar , the coalition that his party will do for the purpose of national interests , not the interests of a particular group . If the coalition is built by using the power of Islam , then it would prejudice the PAN . Because the party has received all groups , including those outside the Islamic group .

Central axis is the political power of Islamic parties that existed in 1999 . Currently the Islamic political party set consisting of the PPP , PAN , PKB , PK and the UN , Abdurrahman Wahid brings in the presidential election chosen by the Assembly in the 1999 General Session and success in the presidential election .

Desire to reshape the Middle Axis Volume II can be based on the idea that the current state of the atmosphere such as the Presidential Election in 1999 . Axis itself initiated Amien Rais , who served as Chairman of the Advisory Council of the PAN .

Problem Volume II of this axis , a political analyst from LIPI , Professor Siti Zuhro view what happened today just new spirit .

" His passion alone . New spirit when the election of 2014 gave the blessing . Their happy really. But this is just to revive them all , if they unite No amount of 32 percent and can be cooperated . If realized this is certainly unusual , " he said .

Even so , there are still many obstacles to be faced by parties that united to form the Central Axis . Barriers egosektoral the orientation of each party have not seen can be resolved .

" They are not finished with each orientation . Sub - sub ideology and leaders that there is no problem , " he said .

Therefore , an agreement to establish who the candidates will be promoted to be completed early so that the axis can completely formed . A strong relationship or chemistry is needed, so there is no party feels dikebawahkan .

" Completed and should be concessioned , that the people shown in the options , " he said .


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