Sunday, April 13, 2014

Motorcycle gang and robbed, FR UN in Police Work

FR ( 18 ) , National Examination A student participant in Surabaya , working in one of the exam rooms at police station Sector Jambangan , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) . FR must undergo examination under police surveillance because theft is involved , some time before the examination takes place .

Although working on the UN at the police station , a class XII student of private vocational school in Surabaya is still required to wear a uniform . Three people were also sent by the school superintendent to oversee FR .

Jambangan Police Chief , Commissioner Billy Dwi Priyono , say , FR present status as a suspect following a robbery with violence which together with a number of colleagues .

" The suspect involved in the beatings and deprivation of motor Ketintang Surabaya , that is currently being held in police Jambangan , " said Dwi .

Dwi claimed to have been coordinated with the schools and families of suspects , in order to follow the UN FR . UN persists even though he is still in the legal process . " We are still working , so he does not lose his right to education , " said Dwi .
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Today, tens of thousands of high school students are equal in Surabaya follow the UN . For the high school level was recorded 17 574 participants , the level of Madrasah Aliyah ( MA ) of 1,402 students , and the level of vocational high school ( SMK ) as many as 18 984 students .


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