Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unique Live Wallpaper For Android

Live wallpaper is the simplest way to perform customization on your Android phone . With existing animation effects , users get a fresh feel of the phone as well as attractive . Limited stock live wallpapers on the phone can certainly be overcome with its own download it from the internet . However you still have to replace it manually if you want to get a new atmosphere .

Luckily there is a developer who saw this and decided to make a free application that will help you get a new Live Wallpaper and set it up automatically every day . For more details please refer to the following tips :
(see also: waptrick)

1 . Download and install Muzei Live Wallpaper from the Play Store . Open the application and proceed with ' Activate ' to activate .

2 . Next select the settings and you can choose the source of your live wallpaper . Please slide the screen sideways and check My Photo if you want to use live wallapaper stored in the mobile phone .

3 . You can also set the level of opacity and flicker with live wallpaper select advanced .

4 . The live wallaper To see more clearly please homescreen tap the screen twice .

5 . Muzei will automatically replace a live wallpaper of your cell phone every day . When you use the live wallpaper on the phone memory then you can set the frequency of replacement of the live wallpaper of one , three , six , 24 hours or 3 days.


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