Thursday, April 10, 2014

Development Hindered KBN towers Residents Rejection

Development plans of workers flats in Nusantara Bonded Zone ( KBN ) , North Jakarta , is still having problems . Business KBN difficult to negotiate over the refusal of the towers by residents .

" People are easily provoked , and easy emotions , so it is difficult to negotiate , " said Head of Public Relations Division KBN Wati to , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .

Wati said , there has been no follow-up project development work towers . Currently only do land leveling in a location that will be built towers.

According Wati , manager of the KBN , through the Director of Operations and socialization , had socialized with people related citizen complaints . Residents assume , where the towers would reduce their income .

During this time , some residents in the Village Sukapura , Cilincing , North Jakarta , seeking profit by renting houses and rooms to employees KBN . In addition , residents also complained backfilling and leveling the ground in the construction area of ​​the towers .

According to Amin , a resident Sukapura , Cilincing , North Jakarta , before people have never felt the flood . However , since the landfill is done , flooding often occurs when it rains .

In response, Wati said , the manager of the KBN was making technical preparations to resolve the issue . Currently , conducted by managers is how to find understanding with residents .
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" We will continue to negotiate to find a win - win solution , " said Wati .

Towers construction project will be a continuation of the workers after the inauguration of the General Hospital Workers KBN . For the construction of towers , state-owned enterprises ( SOEs ) to work together with the Government of Jakarta .


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