Sunday, April 27, 2014

Peak Load Java-Bali Electricity Reaches Record High

Electricity consumption in society continues to increase . Electricity peak load in the system kelistrikann Java Madura Bali ( Jamali ) reached a record high of 22,974 megawatts ( MW ) .

The highest load occurs on Thursday ( 24/4 ) and at 18:00 pm . Previously the highest load ever achieved was 22 567 MW on October 17, 2013 at 19:00 pm .
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Senior Manager Corporate Communications said Bambang Dwiyanto highest load when compared to October of last year is the highest peak on week , up 407 MW or 1.8 percent .

The increase in electrical load is predicted of them because of the weather .
Over the last few days was very hot conditions that trigger people to turn on the air conditioning ( AC ) longer. In the household , the AC is the largest electricity consuming .

PLN urged customers to conserve electricity , especially for the use of a consumptive nature .

This can be done such as by turning off electronic equipment that is not necessary , as the lights are not used , do not watch television , radio was not heard and others .

Conserve electricity consumption can be done without reducing comfort us. Thus, the growth in electricity consumption can be reduced and we can also reduce the monthly electric bill significantly.


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