Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prison inmates Bengkalis Blurred When Discard Trash

Masrianto , theft prisoners escaped from prisons (prisons ) Class II A Bengkalis , Riau , last Friday afternoon , 25 April 2014 . Masrianto Police are now hunting .

Masrianto recently sentenced to 3.5 years in prison . He fled when taking out the trash with other inmates outside the prison . " Initially , there were eight inmates who throw garbage . Thereafter, only 7 prisoners who return , " said Chief Prison Bengkalis bawon .

" Having examined on behalf Masrianto 1 inmate escaped while taking out the trash . "
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Bawon said , daily Masrianto a janitor . He is often dispose of waste with other inmates .

" Everyday , Masrianto indeed become a janitor . He always dispose of waste with other inmates , " said bawon .

Meanwhile , Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bengkalis Andry Wibowo said the pursuit continued. Several police officers deployed at locations suspected as a refuge Masrianto .

" The chase is done . Every police station has been contacted and the identity and characteristics of the perpetrators have been deployed to facilitate the pursuit , " said Andry.


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