Thursday, April 17, 2014

Liven Festival Held 59 Years KAA April 18 to 24

BANDUNG - To enliven warning Konferesnsi Asia Africa ( KAA ) to - 59 , the Museum held a festival weekend . The activity was held on 18 to 24 April at the Museum Complex and Gedung Merdeka , Bandung , West Java .

Various activities were held . On the first day , one enlivened activities with marching bands from Secapa Army . In the week ahead , the various activities associated with the KAA was also held .

The theme of the festival this year is the spirit of partnership and Step Forward Asia - Africa Cooperation .

" Through this festival weekend , we invite the community to feel re-energized life through the appreciation of the values ​​embodied in history , " said the head of the Museum , Thomas Siregar , at the location , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .
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There is a range of values ​​contained in the KAA , he explained, solidarity and friendship among them .

Through various activities , it is expected to promote the spirit of solidarity, peace Duni increased.

The weeklong event involving approximately 700 volunteers .

So far , the implementation of the festival at the Museum are not included in the annual agenda of the Central Government . Going forward , is expected to become a regular agenda as well in terms of funding sources .


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