Sunday, April 20, 2014

Walk out the current CBA Election Commission Plenary Recapitulation Balikpapan

National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Balikpapan City take action to get out of the room or walk out of the Plenary Meeting recapitulation of vote counting city level , which lasted from Sunday, April 20 in the morning until the early hours .

Actions taken two witnesses CLA in plenary , the Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Redin Balikpapan PKB PKB Rafi'i DPC , as a gesture of protest against the elections and vote counting were not free and fair value , and disability law .

" With all due respect to this plenary , we of PKB does not recognize the election results and the results of the 2014 elections recapitulation because of the moral and legal defects . CLA excuses out of this room , " Redin said on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .
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" The reason we came out because of the element of honest and fair , as many votes counted can not be accounted for . If only 1 only explanation that we can understand , but the start of Balikpapan East constituencies ( constituencies 1 ) to dapil North Balikpapan ( dapil 6 ) a lot of changes in the amount of noise . We rate this the worst election we follow , " he said .

Plenary meeting that began Sunday morning initially bombarded many interruptions from witnesses such as PAN , Democrat , PKB , DPI Struggle , Gerindra , PPP and other parties . Intrupsi triggered voters about the inconsistency of data ranging from DPT , DPTb , DPK , DPKtb KPPS level , PPS and PPK .

" We will convey this to the Plenary province , and if possible we are accountable to the Court , " added Redin .

In response, the Chairman of the Election Commission Noor Balikpapan Thoha admitted in the implementation of the calculation of the sound is not perfect and there is a shortage . It certainly will be a correction to the Election Commission . The attitude of the CLA , Noor invited WO because their political rights .

" If it's less agree with us , please but we have a rule that the plenary that can not be stopped because not agreed . So if anyone does not agree there is a form DB2 ( disclaimer / mind ) to fill it , " he said .

"The party submitting the existing DB2 PAN and Democrats , " he continued .

To changes in KPPS voters , PPS , PPK , according Thoha , it is because one of the input in KPPS officers .

" But the numbers are real and true, but as one input resulting in a different number of voters . But rest assured , there is no game sound . If we make sure there is accountability and prove that the data does exist . There is no reduction or bubbling sound , " he said .

In 2014 pileg there are four categories namely DPT voters , voters remain extra ( DPTb ) , special voters list ( DPK ) , additional special voters list ( DPKtb ) .

" So there are my friends who have difficulty filling out forms to enter data by category voters . It is then the comrades in the current PPS input selector so one of puts . And the impact on the level of CO and we fix it . But do not disturb the vote of the candidate or the party , "said Supriya Balikpapan Election Commission members .

Known in the amount of DPT , DPTb deposits , DPKtb on April 9 that pileg 431 216 voters . While voters turn out to vote as much as 297 . 181 people .

From the results pileg 2014 in Balikpapan , East Kalimantan , Balikpapan city Golkar Party gained 12 seats . The three parties namely PDIP , Hanura and Gerindra each earn six seats . Democrats and MCC only gained 4 seats . While the PPP got 3 seats , and Nasdem gained 3 seats . While the UN gained 1 seat .


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