Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ayu Ting Ting So Stickers WeChat

Dangdut singer Ayu Ting Ting was elected as the first Indonesian artist who immortalized her as a sticker for service WeChat conversation . The users are able to download it for free .

Sticker that is usually used as a revealer of the expression in a conversation featuring Ayu with a variety of faces and throw the most commonly encountered in adolescents . Some examples : " Cape deeeh , " " The problem for loe , " or " Hahahaha yes keleeus " a dialogue cloud with animated face made ​​agencies Ayu with illustrations .

The launch of this sticker is done in Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/5 ) , and was attended by the Director of Business Development Tencent , Benny Ho , and Good Binatoro , Director of PT MNC Tencent . Sticker Ayu Ting Ting will be the prefix for WeChat to provide local content for its users .
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Ayu election is not without reason , expressed by Benny . " He's very expressive , it is important in the manufacture sticker that will be used by the user to express his message , " he said .

WeChat with global users as many as 395 million people, started its services since 2011, not only voice service but Benny prefer the term because it involves a variety of communication mediums . The goal , users can more freely in conveying their message , either by text, voice , and even stickers .

Up to now , unknown faces another artist that will be used for the sticker . Benny himself to make sure that it would not make as much as possible haphazard . Artist with a pretty face will be difficult to make a sticker when she showed expression difficult .

" We do not want to just make the sticker as possible , which is important our stickers can be used appropriately in communicating users , " said Benny .

Good said , there is no division of royalties in the sticker because they drop out of the studio bought the developer . However , he hopes in the future will be popping sticker - sticker from the manufacturer in the country .

" What is important to be efficient memory mobile devices , animated , and unique design . Unique also means it can only be found in WeChat , " said Good .


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