Friday, May 23, 2014

Legislators reiterate CPO for domestic relocation

Members of the House of Representatives Commission IV Fuad Habib Nabiel Almusawa argues , to reply " black campaign " Europe against palm oil or crude palm oil ( CPO ) Indonesia to relocate these commodities into the country .

" We do not need to mess around campaign black ( negative campaigning ) EU against Indonesian palm oil . CPO Because we also need to address the energy deficit in the country , " he said in a press statement to reporters in Banjarmasin , Friday.

" It is estimated that in 2014 Indonesia needs an additional supply of 3.3 million tonnes of palm oil for biofuel production , so the relocation of 3.5 million tons of CPO course which we export to the European Union for the purposes of the negari , " he continued .

Legislators origin electoral district of South Kalimantan ( South Kalimantan ) is revealed , the Indonesian Palm Oil Association ( GAPKI ) reported that Indonesian palm smear campaign being conducted by the NGO European Union since 1980 until today .

" The issue is always changing and evolving . Originally developed in the 1980 's health issues , Indonesian CPO accused of unhealthy because they contain saturated fat , " he said .

Later in 1990 and is now transformed into environmental issues , such as deforestation and forest environmental damage . Now this is no longer the issue of biodiversity damage , contributing to global warming to the pressing issue of orang-utan habitat .

As a result of the massive campaign , politicians continued Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the Indonesian Embassy to Belgium in Brussels reported that Indonesia has been affected.

" Of the 734 protectionist policies carried out by Indonesia's trading partners in the world . Several protectionist regulations related to Indonesian palm oil products among other penalties anti-dumping tariffs on exports Biodiesel and Fatty Alcohols from Indonesia to Europe , " he said .

In addition , biofuels policy and the EU Renewable Energy Directive establishes requirements as discriminatory toward palm biodiesel feedstock . Indonesian palm oil derivative products export to European anti-dumping tariff of up to 178.85 Euro per ton .

Against a variety of charges, according alumnus Bogor Agricultural University ( IPB ), West Java , Indonesia still needs to prove that it was not true .

" Even if it turns out in a few spots allegations may be true , it is our duty to fix . So over time , the original allegations turn out to be true is not true for many of the improvements , " he advised .
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But if from the CPO , further representatives who holds a master's degree in engineering and agricultural fields , Indonesia is also urgently need to reduce the energy deficit .

" The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) says the current Indonesian petroleum deficit amounted to 608 thousand barrels per day , " he said .

To overcome the deficit , the Government made ​​a policy to increase consumption of biofuels in the country . " Currently the most ready to be used as feedstock for biofuels is CPO and now we need an ample supply of palm oil , " he said .

"So if Europe remains unfriendly to our CPO , not necessary that we impose ourselves exporting there . Himself wrote We use that stuff , " said Habib Nabiel .


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