Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Prabowo-Hatta Promise Tower Build 2,000 Flats

Mate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa make accelerated infrastructure development as one of the agenda and program for realizing the vision and mission if elected as president and vice president . One of the programs is to build a tower 2,000 flats for low-income people . It was stated in the document 's vision and mission are included in the registration dossier pair presidential and vice presidential candidates are submitted to the Election Commission.

A total of 2,000 towers that will be reserved for low-income people with over 20 years installment scheme flowering 5 percent per year . The tower will consist of 500 units . In addition , the apartments will be built also for the middle class or by private and state-owned enterprises . The state will provide interest subsidy so that the buyer pays interest only a maximum of 5 percent per year or the equivalent of sharia results .
( Read: burung pentet gacor )

Here's more , www.kpu.go.id quoted from the site :

Accelerate the development of infrastructure

1 . Accelerating the development of basic infrastructure to support the production process of the main economic activities in six economic corridors MP3EI . Budget funds are allocated around Rp 1,400 trillion, or 10.32 percent of total state spending from 2015 to 2019 .

2 . Establish infrastructure throughout Indonesia : roads and bridges , including 3,000 km of national highways and 4,000 km of new modern railroads , seaports ( ocean and archipelago ) and airports , electricity , and telecommunications . Railway transport infrastructure should be prioritized .

3 . Accelerating the development of strategic infrastructure of irrigation and fishing port on the coast .

4 . Starting the process of planning the transfer of the national capital .

5 . Establishing the infrastructure , supporting facilities , and areas of national industry , including maritime and tourism industries .

6 . Accelerating the development of connectivity through information technology and telecommunications .

7 . Increase Budget Transfer to a serving area hinted for infrastructure maintenance and construction of public facilities in the provinces and municipalities / counties .

8 . Establishing gradually freeway above the sea on the north coast of Java path segments , potentially integrated with the train line .

9 . Improving harbor services to reduce the time and cost of transport ( terminal handling charge ) as part of efforts to reduce logistics costs .

10 . Developing infrstruktur supporting the outer islands .

11 . Accelerating the provision of homes for the 15 million people who do not have a home through : ( i ) the state must have a stock of land ( land bank ) to the house of the people , ( ii ) development of apartments / flats privately owned companies to streamline urban land consumption , ( iii ) construction of 2000 flats tower by the state for low-income people , with a capacity of 500 units per tower . Purchases made by installments over 20 years of flowering 5 percent per year , or the Islamic equivalent results , ( iv ) construction of apartments for the middle class or by private and state-owned enterprises . State provide interest subsidy to the buyer pays interest only a maximum of 5 percent per year or the equivalent of sharia results .

Broadly speaking , vision - Hatta Prabowo " Building Indonesia are united , sovereign , just and prosperous , and dignified " .

The vision outlined in mission three points , namely :

1 . Realizing Indonesian sovereign , secure and peaceful , dignified , democratic , active role in the peace of the world , and consistently implement Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution .
2 . Realizing Indonesia fair , prosperous , berkerakyatan , and confident to face globalization .
3 . Realizing social justice Indonesian human resources who have a certain noble cultured , high -quality , healthy , intelligent , creative , and skilled .


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