Thursday, May 1, 2014

New round of bickering Apple-Samsung

An Apple lawyer reminded the jury about the innovation of Apple founder Steve Jobs when accusing Samsung of stealing unfairly features created by Jobs and other Apple executives .

" These products were created by a true genius , " attorney Harold McElhinny said the jury in a closing speech in defense of a patent infringement case in federal court in San Jose , Wednesday ( 30/4 ) .
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A lawyer for Samsung Google technology and then defend when arguing that the South Korean company that does not cheat the iPhone when creating their devices .

Instead Samsung engineers using software developed by Google , Android smartphones and tablets to create them increasingly popular , said attorney Williams Price in defense closing speeches .

Samsung makes the hardware or the hardware for Google software , which upset the Apple executives who fear competition they face , he said . Jobs and Apple declare " holy war " or holy war against Google , said Price, the only reason Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung .

The case marked the last legal quarrel between Samsung and Apple when both companies are trying to control the market for smartphones .

Different jury in San Jose , who led the hearing before the technology earlier ordered Samsung to pay Apple some 930 million dollars . Samsung filed an appeal against the decision .

Samsung controlled roughly 31 percent of the smartphone market while Apple maintains a share of 15 percent .


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